Catrin George Ponciano

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111 Places along the Algarve that you shouldn't miss

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Released October 2018
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The shores of the south of Portugal have been gearedtowards providing a luxury beach-holiday destinationfor over half a century now. But only minutes away from the coast is an invisible temporal membrane through which you can pass into the real Algarve, embedded in ancient traditions, soaked in renaissance romance and dotted with idyllic fshing villages.
111 Places along the Algarve That You Shouldn't Miss
  • Paperback, 240 pages, fully illustrated with 111 full-page colour photographs
  • Emons Verlag
  • ISBN 978-3-7408-038-10
  • DE 16,95 €, UK 12,99 £, USA 19,90 $, CA 26,90 $, PT 18,40 €

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